JUNE 2006
Giles' Mother's side of the family
The farm where Giles was born
Quite different than is was then!
Our home in Cameron WI until Giles was
8 years old before we moved to Colorado
The school where Giles attended
1st (twice) and 2nd grades
The home where Giles' Gma Isaacson
lived in Wickware
The farm where Giles Gma & Gpa
Bryngelson lived. Considerably
updated since then!
The Chruch where we attended when we were in Wisconsin. Enlarged and remodeled since then.
The school that mother Isaacson attended
as a child, at Prarie Lake WI
The swimming hole in Barron where
we hung out. Now there's a new modern swimming pool. I bet it's not as fun
as this was!!
The Cemetary where both sets of grandparents are burried, also several uncles and aunts.
Giles brothers and wives, Marian and
Cousins Edna & Alvin
Cousins: Theare were 39 at the Saturday nite banquet and over 80 at the Sunday potluck
With Cousin Gay Frisenger and
his new wife Carol. Gay is a
retired Four Square Minister
You didn't know, did you? !!!!
The Lodge in Rice Lake where we
stayed one night. Wish it was longer!
I could have used a few more days like this!!
Where the St Crouix River meets the Mississippi
Preston WI
Where Marian went gaga and spent all of our vacation money!!!! (well, not quite all!)
since 7/11/06